Wheels and Tyres Purchasing Guide

What to Think About When Buying Wheels and Tyres

If you’ve shopped for a new vehicle lately, you might have noticed how many have large wheels and tyres. A bigger wheel/tyre combo doesn’t just change the looks of a vehicle’ it changes the tyres’ sidewall height. The less sidewall a tyre has, the less cushion there is between the vehicle and the road. Many vehicles with 18-20” wheels have narrow sidewalls, which improves handling but delivers a harsher ride.

Conversely, your vehicle’s handling may be diminished when your tyres have tall sidewalls. There’s more of a chance of excessive roll and lean, among other problems. Fortunately, there’s a gray area between performance and ride comfort, and it has much to do with wheel size. Whether you’re looking for a smoother ride or you want to beef things up a little, below are some tips on choosing 4X4 wheel and tyres packages.

Stay Away From Packages That Raise Wheel Size

Most of today’s vehicles come in multiple trim levels. Base models typically have the smallest wheels and tyres, while top-tier trims often get bigger wheels. In many cases, vehicles with sport package options will come with larger Fuel rims and tyres as well as a stiffer suspension. If you’re not an off-road enthusiast, you’ll likely be happy with your stock setup. However, if the trim you chose comes with small wheels and you want something bigger, consider buying Alloy wheels in a bigger size. Speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives for help finding the right XD wheels for any vehicle.

Sport vs. Touring Tyres

Not all tyres are made the same way. For instance, performance tyres are typically made with softer rubber compounds that provide increased traction, at the expense of tyre life and a quiet ride. Touring tyres are designed for how most people drive their vehicles, namely on open roads at cruising speeds. Today’s touring tyres ride softer, last longer, and may even help you save money on fuel.

Plus and Minus Sizing

If you’ve already got a vehicle, you can buy tsw wheels and tyres to increase ride comfort. When upgrading your vehicle’s original wheel and tyre combo, a good rule to follow is that you can go down or up by an inch. For instance, if your vehicle currently has 17” wheels, you can go down to 16”. However, if handling is a concern, you can safely go up to an 18” wheel.

It’s not advisable to go more than an inch in either direction, as your vehicle’s springs, suspension, 4X4 bull bar brands and other components were created around the stock wheel and tyre combo. Too drastic of a change may cause suspension damage and handling issues, and many brake rotors and calipers are designed with almost no clearance between themselves and the wheels. Attempting to move from an 18” wheel to a 16” or 15” model likely won’t work, as these wheels won’t fit over your car’s brake parts.

If you have your heart set on changing your vehicle’s wheel size, there are many online and local resources that can help. Your online wheel and tyre vendor not only has cheap rims, ford ranger grill raptor,and tyres, they have a wheel and tyre fitment tool that lists which packages fit certain cars.

Get Started Today and Have Your Wheels and Tyres Installed This Week

New wheels, tyres, and automotive accessories can do much to change the looks of your vehicle, but they can have significant effects on handling and performance aspects as well. When choosing parts for your car or 4X4, don’t trust just any vendor. Call us or visit our website to see our full selection of accessories and wheel/tyre packages.